Replacing a faulty or dated boiler should be thought of as a priority both for safety reasons and due to the significant cost savings you can reap. Modern boilers are designed to be ultra-efficient and can save you over a third of your gas bill.

But not all boiler installations in Hertfordshire are alike, and it can be difficult to know who to trust with such an important task. Although most plumbing and heating companies are of course legitimate, there are horror stories about con-men who offer cut-price boiler installation just to get their hands on your old copper cylinder.

To keep your family safe, and your house warm and cosy all year round, you should ensure you fully research  plumbing and heating companies in Hertfordshire. You need to look into the following:

Boiler Installation Hertfordshire – Key Considerations

Safety is top of the list for a reason. It is sometimes easy to forget that a boiler involves heat and gas, a potentially explosive mixture, and while modern boilers are rigorously safety-tested, installation by a competent person is vital. The incomplete combustion of gas, due to a faulty or worn out boiler, can also produce deadly carbon monoxide gas, another reason why you need a suitable installer.

The minimum legal requirement for installing a boiler is to be Gas Safe registered. When checking the registration of your installer, find out their registration number, match it to their ID card and check with the Gas Safe Register. If your chosen installer isn't carrying their ID card they should not be permitted to start work until they get it.

Workmanship and quality
Installing a boiler is not a five minute job. The best companies will ensure your central heating system is flushed prior to installation, and will fit a debris filter and limescale reducer to maximise the lifespan of your boiler. Before booking an installation, ask the person undertaking the work to talk you through the process. If they have a website, check their testimonials or, even better, speak to someone else who has had a boiler installed by the same company.

Energy Efficiency
You should also check out the company's environmental credentials. Do they offer the latest energy-efficient boilers? A reputable company or individual should stay up-to-date with advances in boiler technology so that they can offer a model that saves you money off your bills, reduces your carbon footprint and even increase the value of your house through improving its energy rating.

Price and Warranty
Price is a bit further down the list, because you need to ensure you will be getting the quality installation of a modern, energy-efficient boiler before comparing prices. Remember to check whether VAT is included in the price and whether there is a call-out charge.

Customer Service and Reputation
Once you have narrowed down your options, give the company or individual a call and assess how they respond. Are they polite, professional and knowledgeable? Does it seem they are genuinely interested in you or do they just want a quick sale? Try and research their reputation as a company by talking to former customers. Only when you are completely satisfied should you trust them to install a boiler in your precious home.

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