How To Market Your Business Online


If you are in business and not on the web then you are making a serious mistake today.  The problem is there are so many different ideas of how to market your business on the Web that it can become downright frustrating trying to figure out what will work best.

The truth is, what works best for your own business strategies in how to market your business on the Web may be entirely different from someone else.  Even so the bottom line is that you need to make money if your going to be in business on the Web else your just in an electronic hobby instead.


To that end wouldn't it be great if there was a source of people willing to give you free advice about how to increase conversions and sales on your project?  Fortunately there is at


And then there are all those social media sites that you need to figure out what to do with.  There are many ways social media can help you understand how to market your business online but one of my favorite is the underutilized power of Twitter.

One such Twitter strategy is using this social media site to find high quality niche related Websites that are seeking your content in the form of guest blogging niche authorities like yourself. 

Here's how to make that happen:

STEP 1: Logon to your Twitter account
STEP 2: Do any of the following searches

“your niche” + guest post
“your niche” + guest author
“your niche” + write for us
“your niche” + guest article

STEP 3: Find those who have published guest authors and get to know them as they are actively promoting this fact and as such are likely to be more open to working with you as a result.


In-line with the concept of writing there is an awesome way to get infront of people via the news and it is called HARO also known as help a report out.  At reports submit there questions related to your niche for you to answer.  You answer and get a backlink to your projects.

This builds your backlink power as well as your niche authority all simultaniously.

In the first day that I tried there system I received two very easy assignments that I was able to complete within about 15 minutes.  Given that these are leading edge news sites that are involved what do you think their authority on the Web is?  And now that can be yours just for helping a reporter out.

So if you are wondering how to build your business online you need to discover the power of Knowing how to tap into the power of Fiverr would be yet another one.  Currently I'm offering a free 1-to-1 coaching call where I will speak to you personally about your specific online marketing requirements.  You can contact me direct at 702-439-4766 or visit for additional details.


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